Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Giovanni Shampoos and Conditioner

When I started my exploration into natural products, I often felt dissatisfied because the products didn't feel the same as the ones (non-eco) I had been used to. This was a long time ago however, and I realize that for some products this is fine. This is not the case with hair products though. I used eco hair products that were greasy, that didn't distribute and just sat there, and the worst was one that was so thick it pulled my hair out with rinsing.

However, with Giovanni Shampoos and Conditioners; I had no problems whatsoever. They seem to lather even though there are no sulfates, and they smell mild and LOVELY. No paraben. WOOHOO!!!!!

My favorites are the 50/50 Balanced and tea tree (for when I need a little scalp treatment). There are 17 different products in the haircare line.

This is my favorite shampoo ever!


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